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CHRIS [Dec. 17th, 2004|07:06 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |cold- crossfade]

Oct. 6

Well Roxxi said that she'll come after school tomorrow and talk to my mom about the whole wicca thing. I think im gonna tell her about me being a whitelighter if she doesnt freak too much. Im really starting to like her but she doesnt seem to want to let me in. I know she likes me though she told Jeremy and Liah she did. Well ill give her a few more days and then i think im gonna ask her out.
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ROXANNE [Dec. 5th, 2004|12:56 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |clairvoyant disease- anvenged sevenfold]

oct 4

well today was like all the same. i got picked on and i just went to classes and ignored them. but today was also different too. chris is still talking to me and now hes getting pushed around. i told him i wouldnt mind if he stopped talking to me but he said that he would never do that. hes a really good guy. he wants me to meet his family and said that they would understand the kind of things that im into. what does that mean? it doesnt really matter anymore. he'll stop talking to me too. anyway i wrote a new song today. its called forgive me love. it goes like this...

I went to your house Walked up the stairs
I opened your door without ringing the bell I walked down the hall
Into your room Where I could smell you
And I Shouldn't be here
Without permission Shouldn't be here
Would you forgive me love If I danced in your shower
Would you forgive me love If I laid in your bed
Would you forgive me love If I stay all afternoon
I took off my clothes Put on your robe
Went through your drawers and I found your cologne Went down to the den
Found your CD's And I played your Johnny
And I Shouldn't stay long
You might be home soon I Shouldn't stay long
Would you forgive me love If I danced in your shower
Would you forgive me love If I laid in your bed
Would you forgive me love If I stay all afternoon
I burned your incense I ran a bath
I noticed a letter that sat on your desk It said hello love
I love you so love Meet me at midnight
And no It wasn't my writing
I better go soon It wasn't my writing
So forgive me love If I cry in your shower
So forgive me love For the salt in your bed
So forgive me love If I cry all afternoon
well i better go and start getting my homework done. dont need dad to find out that i was on here before i finished my work
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PIPER [Nov. 22nd, 2004|06:42 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |insomniac- greenday]

Oct. 3

Well Chris is really happy. He made new friends and he likes college. So why do I feel so weird? I dont know...Any way he met this girl Roxanne and he said she's into Wicca so maybe we could talk to her about it. I would like to meet these new friends of his. I'll talk to him tomorrow about it.
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PHEOBE [Nov. 21st, 2004|01:27 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |wake me up when september ends-green day]

Oct. 3
Yep I stole another one of Chris's cds. LOL. Hey Paige has mine and I need something new to listen to.
Any way from what I heard, Chris had a good first day. He met this girl Roxanne and I guess she's always getting picked on. Oh and she's into Wicca too, but he wasn't supposed to tell us. I wonder if she's just into it or if it runs in her blood? Oh well, we won't find out until she says something.
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ROXANNE [Nov. 21st, 2004|12:57 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |i love rock and roll-punk cover]

Oct. 3
well today was basically the same as always except for this new guy.he didnt make fun of me... when brad tripped me again this morning he came over and helped me pick them up. even though i told him he would be mad fun of too he didnt care. his names chris. hes pretty nice and hes cute too. we have classes together and he doesnt seem to mind that im a loser and kinda weird. i dropped my books at linch and my witchcraft book fell and he picked it up but he didnt yell and tell everyone im a witch. he was pretty calm actually. too calm. he didnt tell me much about himself. just that he just moved her with his mom, brother, aunts and dad. his brother is like 2 and from what i hear...aunt pheobe is a workaholic, aunt paige is a trouble maker and shes taking classes here too. i guess shes in one of our classes but he didnt point her out. mom is clean fanatic and takes things too seriously. she made paige take classes to watch out for chris. and dad and mom dont get along. at least he has a mom. that stupid demon killed her. i still plan on getting back at him. as soon as my powers work a little better. i cant believe mom tried to bind them because she what was going to happen. thank goodness amy found out about them. and unfortunately they drove her nuts. with the help of dad of course. i knew something was going on but i just sat there and watched. if i had walked in that room a minute earlier i would have been able to save her or if i had walked in ther every night i heard her crying i could have stopped him. but instead i pretended not to hear a thing. im so stupid. ugh dads calling. i better go before he tries to hit me again. i have homework any way. update tomorrow!
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CHRIS [Nov. 21st, 2004|12:38 pm]
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |billy s. - skye sweetnam]

oct 3

yeah i know wierd i would be listening to this song huh? yeah well its a good hyper song and im sorta hyper, happy, dorky, i dont know. im so...everything right now. the song just changed to closing time by greenday.
ok any way about my day. i went to history and i sat down in the middle kinda. this girl walked in and some guy tripped her. she fell down some of the stairs. i got up to help her pick up the books and papers she dropped. she came over to get them and this was our converstaion.
" you know you really shouldn't help, you'll just get picked on like me."
" i dont care. that was really rude. why dont you say something to them or to a teacher?"
"i've tried both. the kids just laughed at me and put pudding in my bag and the teacher told me to stop making things up even though he saw it."
" i'm chris"
" roxanne"
"why dont u come sit with me. they wont bother you if your with me"
" im not so sure about that. they'll probably just pick on you too"
" come on" i grabbed her hand and brought her to where i was sitting. after class i found out that im in all her classes. so i hung out with her and she gave me the low down on the teachers and students. seems like they all have made fun of her. she has two other friends but they are not in her classes. liah and jeremy. they seem cool. im worried about roxanne though. she told me how her sister had commited suicide because of similar things happening to her. and she said that her mom was killed by a....bad guy. she had started to say something but stopped.
when we were walking she dropped some of her books and when i helped her, i found a witchcraft book. she swore me not to tell anyone and i told her i wouldnt but i want to tell my family and i want to tell her who my family is. i know it would jepordize us but i dont think shes all that dangerous. ill wait a few days until then though. well i gues im gonna go talk to my mom about this.
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LEO [Nov. 21st, 2004|12:35 pm]
oct 3
2 pm

piper talked paige into signing up for classes with chris. i know its a good idea but he needs a little freedom. i think i should plan a special day for just me and her so she can get her mind clear.
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PAIGE [Nov. 12th, 2004|07:24 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |............]

oct. 2nd

Ugh, piper made me sign up for classes with chris at college. Hes been wanting to go so she said i should sign up for classes with him to keep an eye on him. I know she really just wants me to stay outta trouble. Ha! Joke on her. Im actually waiting to go so i can meet someone new. I need a boyfriend. any way im only in one class with him so its all good. well im gone so i can pick out a outfit for tomorrow.
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CHRIS [Nov. 11th, 2004|10:27 am]
[mood |rushedrushed]

oct. 2

well today i went with Paige and signed up for classes. i have english lit., an acting class, general history, and some other classes. the best news i got today was that i am only gonna be in one class with Paige and its hisory. i cant wait i am so excited. i dont think im gonna be able to sleep tonight. i dont think im gonna be able to eat in an hour. Piper is making turkey and her best pie. well im out im gonna start getting things ready for class tomorrow.
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CHRIS [Nov. 10th, 2004|06:54 pm]
[mood |angryangry]
[music |american idiot- greenday]

Oct. 1 4:00pm

OMG I LOVE MY MOM!!! HAHA. she's letting me go to college but theres one catch. Paige has to come with. its fine though. as long as i get to get out of here. the manor is driving me insane. its hard to think that this is where i was born and where i lived until....any way i cant wait. im gonna go tommorrow and sign up and classes will start the 3rd. this is so awesome. well im out to go celebrate!

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